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    About NetServ

    NetServ is a division of Darest & Sunset Informatic, founded in 1978, active in IT procurement and services. NetServ was started in 1999, with the objective of providing corporate customers an unprecedented level of quality as a professional ISP, and, through its parent company Darest & Sunset, offer a unique point of entry for fulfilling all IT & Internet needs.

    All of our engineers have been officially certified by the major manufacturers such as Microsoft, Cisco, HP, IBM, ...

    NetServ can cover a whole project including connexion, router, servers, mail, security, deployment and client configuration. The integration of such services within your network will be executed by our team of skilled professionals. Our solutions will increase dramatically your productivity and the way you share the information among your company, customers and suppliers.

    At NetServ, we know what QUALITY means to you!